Public Speaking

You’re standing on the podium for a presentation or speech, and out of the blue, you start sweating with a racing heart and shaking legs.

Sounds familiar?

Public speaking can be a nightmare for many people—strangers looking and waiting for them to speak. The biggest struggle to keep a straight face but Don’t Worry!

Did You Know?

Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) is widespread. About 75% of people experience some level of anxiety when it comes to public speaking.

For starters, remember that it’s okay to be a little nervous, and everyone was sweating the first time they went upstage.

I have a few tips to make your next presentation successful ;)

Confidence is The Key

A guy i suit fixing tie.

The first and foremost thing while speaking in front of a crowd is to look confident (even if you aren’t). Remember,

Bold is beautiful.

Be focused and calm. I can’t promise ‘NO MISTAKES,’ but I am confident that making mistakes is no big deal. No one is perfect, and learning is a lifelong procedure ;)

Practice Makes You Perfect

It’s boring to do things twice, but doing it over and over! A nightmare.

But practicing a speech boosts your confidence level as you learn what you’re doing wrong, work on your tone, and get feedback. If you don’t want to practice in front of anyone, do it in front of a mirror.

Don’t hesitate; practice is the first step towards a successful speech ;)

Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Spilled coffee in another glass representing mistakes can be fixed.

YES, BUDDY! We all make mistakes.

It’s okay to do a few things wrong. Don’t be afraid of failing or mistaking! Be afraid not to try. Remember that mistakes are a sign that you’re trying, and that’s what counts the most.

Keep it Simple!

We tend to overdo things when we get nervous. Not a good idea!

Make sure that you stay on the subject and keep it simple. Start with a few jokes, say what you’re there to say, say it and say what you just said!

Know Thy Audience

A good speaker never forgets about his audience. Before giving a speech, get to know your audience a little. Start with a joke, maybe, a funny remark before getting to the main part.

Secondly, are you speaking to school-going children, teenagers, or adults? A brief study of the audience helps you present the idea in a far better way and understand their problems and perspective. In business,

The customer is the king.

Here as a speaker, your audience is the king ;) so make sure to win their hearts.

Starts and Ends

Starts and ends are the most important parts of the speech. You must grab the audience’s attention in the first two minutes. That’s what keeps the audience seated throughout your session. As we say,

First impression is the last impression

Leave a good first impression on your audience to captivate their attention.

The ending is just as important as the beginning; it is what the audience will remember the most about your speech. Summarize your whole speech in a few well-picked words and leave an everlasting impact on their minds ;)

Keep it Friendly

Use your smile to change the world

So, pals, never let anything or anyone steal the smile away from your face. Who doesn’t love a smile full of hope?

During your speech, smile occasionally, crack a few jokes, and be friendly! Your audience will love you even more ;)

Do Your Homework

In school, whenever my homework was completed, I had a great day.

Why do you think?

Because homework or what we call background research is vital, if you don’t sound confident, your audience will feel it, and you will no longer be the authority.

Not only the focus topic, but all the relevant stuff must be on your fingertip. This gives you the confidence that nothing can beat ;)

Public Speaking and Authenticity

Will you ever talk to someone you don’t trust? or listen to them?

The answer’s NO!

And the same’s true for your audience. We follow authentic public figures. Keep your records clean and clear. Be sure about what you’re saying is there’s No Backsies! Being honest leaves a good and everlasting impression on your audience.

It’s Time To SPEAK UP!

Now, it’s your turn to speak your mind. Be confident, don’t let your fears get to you. Be your own superhero, face the world. Once you’ve done that, trust me! You’ll realize your fears weren’t as big as you thought. Stumble on your way but don’t stop!

Be part of the game, not the audience ;)




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