Where do you go when you need a product or service? Most likely, you ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation, read the online customer reviews, and do a quick Google search. And that’s not just you!

Among marketing and sales tactics, referrals are the undisputed kings. In a…

Huawei has been battling with smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple over the ‘King of Camera phones’ title.

In the P-Series, Huawei took this to a whole new level with its P30 smartphone. Co-engineered with Leica, Huawei camera phones are top-notch. Other features like reverse wireless charging and a quad-camera.

An opening and closing tag defines HTML elements.

HTML Elements

An opening and closing tag defines HTML elements.

<tagname> The Content goes Here! </tagname>

In HTML, an element is everything from the opening tag to the closing tag and everything in the middle.

For Example:

<h1> Heading 1</h1>

There are two types…

In HTML, headings describe the flow of content on a web page. The headings format and structure the web page to provide a better user experience.

HTML Heading Tag

HTML headings are defined with an opening tag and closing tag with content in the middle.

For Example:

<h1> The Content goes Here! </h1>

Proof-of-work is the original consensus algorithm in Blockchain.

Blockchain technology blew the tech world with a simple yet innovative idea of decentralized ledgers. To understand how proof-of-work works, first you need to understand what blockchain is and how it works.

in this article, we will discuss how the proof-of-work algorithm…

We use Google search every day and hear a great deal of chatter about the importance of SEO.

What is SEO, and How Does it Work?

SEO is the reason why some websites get more traffic than others. It’s a competitive area of expertise and requires a deep understanding of marketing and psychology.

Webmasters are individuals who optimize…

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